About Somdia

Driven by the values of responsibility and commitment, Somdia Group has been working for over fifty years towards food sovereignty in the six African countries in which it operates.

As a key player in the production and marketing of sugar and flour, the Group is pursuing its development and diversification, supported by a renewed governance in 2022.


A leader in its fields, Somdia is a recognised partner of the African agri-food industry. We
help our customers to succeed by offering them tailored solutions that add value to their products in a sustainable way. We support their growth by helping them to expand, diversify and improve their product range.


Our mission is to produce in Africa, for Africa, in keeping with the Group’s promise to grow together. We offer quality products to manufacturers and families. We grow sugar cane and cereals locally, as close as possible to the needs of our customers and consumers. We adapt to the specific needs of our markets through innovation, which is at the heart of Somdia’s DNA.



We work for a sustainable and responsible development and believe in sensible farming and production that respects the environment and people. Quality, traceability, compliance and guaranteed supplies are at the heart of Somdia’s promise. As a vigilant employer, we support the progress of our employees and the development of the countries in which we operate.


Somdia’s presence in Africa is a long-term commitment and an integral part of our history. Our subsidiaries actively contribute to local economies, encourage sustainable agricultural value chains and promote the structuring of integrated value chains. As a committed local player, we promote African skills in each of our subsidiaries. Our social and sustainable development policies are at the heart of our commitment, and are reflected in every one of our subsidiaries.

Local presence

With products as essential as sugar, flour and maize grits, we are firmly established in our markets and attentive to the specific needs of our customers, whether they are manufacturers, breeders, processors, wholesalers or private individuals. Together, we want to build relationships for the future.


We are entrepreneurs at heart, convinced of the potential of the African continent, and we use our dynamism, performance and innovation to create value for all our stakeholders. By making the most of local resources and the co-products of our industries, we aim to strengthen the food sovereignty of the countries in which we operate.