Somdia and employment

Human resources at the heart of our vision

With 11 subsidiaries in Africa, the Somdia Group has over 9,000 employees, 99.5% of whom work in Africa, on an increasingly young continent with a wealth of resources and a promising future.

As a major economic player in Africa, our Group has always implemented a human resources policy that is both rewarding and committed, to ensure that our values (Responsibility, Commitment, Proximity, Audacity) are lived out on a daily basis. To this end, SOMDIA’s Human Resources approach is based on the following values:

  • Valuing each employee
  • Encouraging training
  • Combining knowledge and know-how
  • Promoting respect for individual differences in order to foster group spirit and collective efficiency
  • Ensuring that everyone enjoys their involvement over the long term.


For us, this is the essential equation for achieving Operational Excellence.

Joining us means entering a multicultural world with strong values and a strong ethical commitment. Above all, it’s an opportunity for you to show the full extent of your talent and ambitions.

Somdia’s business sectors


Your agricultural skills will be put to good use in our sugar subsidiaries in Cameroon, Congo, Côte d’Ivoire, Gabon and Chad.


The world of Livestock concerns our animal feed manufacturing unit in Cameroon and Congo. Skills in animal nutrition and veterinary specialities are often required.


Sugar factories and mills (wheat, maize) are processing plants that bring together most of the engineering professions, from mechanics to automation, from chemistry to boiler making.

Supply and logistics

Given its multiple positions in West and Central Africa, the Group has a Procurement department (Commodities, Materials and Equipment) at head office, as well as a logistics unit dedicated to our markets. Purchasing and negotiating skills are therefore very welcome.