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From 2 to 6 October, Saris hosted the group’s cultivation workshop, the theme of which was Improving sugarcane fertilisation: soil and plant. In recent years, soil science has focused heavily

From 10 to 13 October 2023, SUCAF-CI organised, with all its partners, the Health and Safety at Work Days before the effective start of the new sugar campaign. SUCAF-CI’s General

It’s officially launched. The Foundations Fortnight is already underway. The much-heralded event was launched last week. The SGMT and SGMC Foundations got the ball rolling with activities aimed at communities.

On Saturday 04 November 2023 took place the official ceremony of the 1st fire, launching the beginning of the sugar campaign 2023-2024. The importance of this event for the sugar

Following the presentation of the objectives to all managers, supervisory staff and staff representative bodies (IRP) on 17 October, it is now time for the first bonfires. The ceremonies marking

On Thursday 11 November 2023, the heads of the modern secondary schools in Village C (Ferké 1) and Pangalakaha (Ferké 2) took delivery of 80 improved (semi-metallic) desks. The donations