Sugar Mills Sales and Marketing Seminar – March 2024

From 05 to 08 March this year, the sales and marketing teams from Somdia Group’s sugar factories met in Pointe-Noire, Congo, to take stock of the year 2023 and, above all, to look ahead to the years to come. A total of 15 representatives from the various subsidiaries worked on the theme: ‘The recipe for happiness’. As in a good recipe, where each ingredient contributes to the final flavour of the dish, the aim of this theme was to encourage each of the participants to make their own contribution to the development of the Princesse Tatie brand.

– Work session, projects :

Presentations by the Regional Marketing Coordinator and group brainstorming sessions enabled the group to realign the foundations and direction of the marketing strategy for our brand. A review of the use of CRM and SOMICOM tools was carried out by the teams, and the new features that will be rolled out very shortly were presented by Mr AKPA, IT Director at AFRIK IT.

– Synergies and pooling:

The teams had the opportunity to visit the factories of Brasserie du Congo, BRALICO and SGMP. A tour of modern and traditional sales outlets provided a practical insight into the challenges and opportunities facing the market.

– The customer experience in the digital age:

The captivating session on digital practices held by a specialist in the field offered seminar participants a fresh look and an open mind on the possibilities offered by the digital world for our subsidiaries.

– An opportunity to share best practice:

The sharing of experience has led to the approval of a list of good sales and marketing practices that the various subsidiaries can deploy according to the needs and specific features of their market. This harmonisation approach is at the heart of the 5-year regional sales and marketing plan, which aims to consolidate Princesse Tatie’s position in its markets, and to develop it to the point where it can be appropriated by consumers.

– Looking ahead to CAP27 :

The members of the ‘Improving sales and marketing dynamics’ project team from the sugar mill and maize mill subsidiaries were interviewed by the sponsor, Mrs BAROAN, SUCAF-CI’s General Manager, who took the time to elaborate on each of the project’s objectives. Bringing together the dynamics already at work in each of the subsidiaries and giving them even greater scope and meaning is the strength of our corporate project. To achieve the best, synergies are decisive, just like in a good recipe.

– New Somdia identity :

Ms BENG-THI, Group Project Development Manager, presented the new Somdia identity and the variations for each subsidiary. The subject of effective coexistence between the corporate brand and the commercial brand was also on the agenda. After a presentation to Mr Parent, Somdia Group CEO, and Mr LISCIO, Sugar Operations Director, the seminar ended with a team-building session designed to further strengthen the links between the teams.