Distribution and marketing

We ensure the availability of our products to our customers and support them as they grow their businesses, taking account of market developments.

In an increasingly competitive market, we have been able to adapt by offering quality service, innovation, an expended products range and specific solutions according to the needs of our different customers (wholesalers, large and medium-sized retailers, cafés, hotels and restaurants, artisanal users, pastry shops, doughnut manufacturers, families and industrialists).

Our brands, which are increasingly present on the market, have everything it takes to meet the expectations of our consumers and users.

Our brands


Princesse Tatie

Created in 2008,  Princesse Tatie is the first pan-African sugar brand. It is distributed in Cameroon, Congo, Ivory Coast and Chad.

Princesse Tatie expresses our Group’s African identity, as well as our pride in producing 100% pure cane sugar and marketing it locally. It embodies an ambition dear to Somdia: the desire to produce quality food for the benefit of as many people as possible. Princesse Tatie, a strong and inspiring brand, to promote sugar produced and marketed in Africa, in compliance with local and international standards.


Princesse Tatie offers several types of packaging for African industrialists and consumers: logs, pieces, doypacks (flexible packaging with a spout), 500g and 1kg sachets and krafts, and 5, 25 or 50kg bags.

Our types
of sugar

Brown and light sugars

Brown sugar

This cane sugar, produced by the first jet of crystallisation, is characterised by its pronounced molasses taste. It is a popular household sugar for sweetening hot drinks, yoghurts and syrups.

Blond sugar

Sought after for its warm colour and exotic aromas, blond sugar is appreciated by confectioners, cafés-hotels-restaurants and biscuit-confectioners

White sugars

Plantation white sugar

This unrefined white cane sugar is appreciated for its high sweetening power.

Refined white sugar

This refined cane sugar is the mouth-watering sugar par excellence. It is particularly used by the general public, confectioners and manufacturers of artisanal products.

Tip-Top refined sugar

This extra-refined granulated sugar is a top-of-the-range product, meeting the very exacting requirements of industrial customers such as lemonade makers and brewers.

Agglomerated sugars

Lump sugar

Very popular with city dwellers, white or light lump sugar is ideal for sweetening drinks and dairy products. It can also be used by makers of artisanal products who appreciate its easy dosage.

Corn Flour

We have developed a ready-to-use maize flour suitable for a wide range of uses.

A market study carried out in 2018 shows that maize flour is mainly consumed in the form of couscous and porridge. It is also frequently used to make fritters. Consumers expect a product of impeccable quality and hygiene that is also easy to use. Ideal for everyday cooking, maize flour can be used in many of the everyday recipes that our customers love.

Wheat Flour

Through its multitude of local brands, Somdia markets a wide range of flours adapted to the needs of consumers in each country, including La Boulangère (top-of-the- range flour), ASSO and special flours for fritters, and numerous brands developed for the household segment, including Ma Copine, the first pan-African flour brand created for households.

Ma Copine

Launched in 2022, Ma Copine aims to become a benchmark brand by offering a range of quality flours that meet international standards. Packaged in strong, attractive packs, it comes in a range of versions to suit every use (fritters, pancakes, cakes, pastries, fried foods and sauces, pizzas), all at an affordable price. Simplicity and practicality are at the heart of the brand’s philosophy.

Animal Feed

Under the Prosper brand, SMAG, SGMP and CFC market a range of complete feeds and concentrates, rich in minerals and vitamins, which form the basis of feed for animals, particularly laying hens, broilers, pigs and ruminants. In addition to its feeds and concentrates, the Prosper brand helps its customers to improve their performance through technical support, training and a nationwide distribution network.