Growing together.

These wonderful stories from our subsidiaries have inspired all aspects of Growing Together:
the human adventure, our products and services and our corporate social responsibility.

Growing together by creating tailor-made career paths adapted to each individual's desires
Growing together, taking care of young potentials
Growing together, rewarding talent and motivation, whatever your initial qualifications
Growing together, by supporting the restructuring of a sector
Growing together, thanks to formats that meet consumer needs

Growing together through trusting relationships built over time This is the story of a friendship that lasts. Société Camerounaise d’Elevage et de Provenderie (SCEP), which became Compagnie Fermière du Cameroun (CFC) in 2021, entered the animal feed sector ten years

Growing together, with innovative solutions that save money
Growing together, training the talents of tomorrow
Ensuring everyone's safety
Growing together, giving young people a sense of direction
Growing together, by enabling local communities to get around more easily
Growing together, maintaining and developing the ecosystem