Growing Together.

Corn bran for animals

Growing together, with innovative solutions that save money

Nothing is lost, everything is transformed. Lavoisier’s famous intuition takes on its full meaning in the Congo, a country where local raw materials are scarce. Thanks to the ingenuity of a maize farmer and producer, a new opportunity arose two years ago: maize bran. This by-product of maize processing is now used in poultry feed, replacing maize by more than 50%, resulting in significant savings on production costs. The idea has snowballed in the country, to the point where many laying hen farmers are now using this innovative feed, which has become the star product of Société les Grands Moulins du Phare. The reputation of Congolese maize bran is now spreading beyond the country’s borders, with feed manufacturers and breeders in Cameroon and Rwanda adopting this new feed. By listening to its partners and drawing on its expertise and knowledge of the market, Somdia is proving that innovation is within reach.

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