Our foundations

This is a key part of our CSR commitment. Since 2010, we have set up a network of foundations throughout our African operations. The purpose of these foundations is to build the capacity of local civil society, help reduce inequalities, promote income-generating activities and encourage the emergence of community projects.

Entrepreneurship, sustainable development, health and education

Around these three axes, we support the projects of our stakeholders and communities through a participative approach and structured technical and financial support. This mission is supported by multicultural, multi-skilled and committed teams. The expertise and involvement of the Group's employees are also put to good use.

8 foundations are active in 6 countries (Cameroon, Congo, Côte d’Ivoire, Gabon, Chad and Togo), led by 19 field operators, 3 regional social coordinators and more than 85 volunteer members of project selection committees and 130 ordinary members.

Since 2012, 460 projects have been implemented, including 245 income-generating projects and 215 community projects. A total of €3.3 million has been invested in Somdia foundations, with almost €1 million earmarked for projects.

By 2025, our ambition is to extend the network through the creation of the Somdia Corporate Foundation, based in Paris. It will play a key dual role: acting as an intermediary with the European technical and financial partners of the sister foundations in Africa, thereby strengthening trust and facilitating the identification of new opportunities, particularly in terms of financial support.

The Somdia Foundation will also be responsible for implementing the network’s programmes, giving priority to countries where several Foundations are already present (Cameroon, Congo and Gabon), as well as to subsidiaries that have not yet set up their own Foundation.