Growing Together.

Going further with SOSUCAM

Growing together, by enabling local communities to get around more easily
Getting around remains a daily challenge for many Cameroonians, particularly in the most
remote areas. It was to support the inhabitants of the villages near its plantations that
SOSUCAM launched “La Relève Sociale”, a free shuttle service, in 2011. 30,000 people
benefit from this service, which contributes to the development of local communities. Each
of the three trucks can accommodate up to 90 passengers. In all, six daily shuttles – often full
to capacity! – serve the villages. For SOSUCAM, working to open up remote areas is a matter
of course. “La Relève sociale” encourages local production by supporting plantain, maize
and bulb growers, as well as craftspeople who can take their produce to local markets and
develop their business. Although SOSUCAM has delegated this service to Global Services
since 2016, it continues to fund it in full. Succession is assured.

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