Growing Together.

Sugar takes off

Growing together, thanks to formats that meet consumer needs

Sugar is no joke. In response to the expectations of Ivorian consumers, Somdia plans to market new sugar formats in November 2023. Studies show that customers are looking for packaging that guarantees better product quality and a constant weight for the price. The problem is that sugar is currently sold in large quantities to retailers, who then package it in translucent sachets, often at random. Some customers suspect that certain scales are rigged. Not to mention the hygiene problems when pests come to snack on these large 50kg bags. To remedy these problems, Somdia has introduced 500g and 250g pre-packed formats under the Princesse Tatie brand. What are they called? Princesse Tatie Minis. An innovation welcomed by consumers, distributors and producers alike. And for retailers, it saves time and energy, as well as simplifying storage. Mini packaging, maxi satisfaction.

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