Growing Together.

Rethinking maize production in Cameroon

Growing together, by supporting the restructuring of a sector

Big problems, big solutions. Compagnie Fermière Camerounaise (CFC), set up to supply maize grits to breweries in Cameroon, is facing a major challenge linked to the quality of its cereals: 80% of the maize available on the market is contaminated with mycotoxin, which poses public health problems. To combat this scourge, the CFC’s teams have rolled up their sleeves. The CFC is training growers to improve their cultivation methods and encourage professionalism in the sector. And it helps them to organize themselves: 200 cooperatives have been set up to strengthen their independence. At the same time, it is focusing on research and development in partnership with the Cameroon government, to improve the quality of maize, while increasing producers’ capacity for agricultural inputs. The result: improved yields. Nearly 2,500 farmers have received support. For the benefit of everyone, from producers to consumers.

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