Saris Congo organises a cultivation workshop from 2 to 6 October 2023

From 2 to 6 October, Saris hosted the group’s cultivation workshop, the theme of which was Improving sugarcane fertilisation: soil and plant.

In recent years, soil science has focused heavily on understanding the biological functioning of soils in order to better manage the fundamental elements of fertility.

The choice of this subject was a response to the pressing need to make this knowledge more accessible to practitioners.

The state of our soils is a cause for concern, and calls for some in-depth thinking if we are to preserve their fertility while keeping our costs under control. After an overview of our different specific soil and climate contexts, an action plan was discussed with the experts who led the workshop, Antoine Versini and Jean-Robert Lincoln.

Agronomy is a science of locality, and everyone left with their own draft roadmap, without forgetting the essential fundamentals for staying on course!