Launch of SOSUCAM’s 2023-2024 sugar campaign

On Saturday 04 November 2023 took place the official ceremony of the 1st fire, launching the beginning of the sugar campaign 2023-2024.

The importance of this event for the sugar factory was reinforced by the presence of the administrative authorities, headed by the Prefect of Haute-Sanaga accompanied by the Sub- Prefects and Mayors of the 3 districts within the sugar perimeter, and the Regional Councillors. The mobilisation of the Elites of the Haute-Sanaga department and the traditional chiefs was also very significant, as well as other parties such as the Presidents of the CRV (River Watch Committees) and the spokespersons for the staff representatives.

On the Sosucam side, the Managing Director was surrounded by the General Secretary,
Directors, Executives and other SOSUCAM staff.

With a yield of 41.9T/ha for 2,490 tonnes of cane, and now in its 2nd regrowth season, plot
C4 (59.4ha) at Mbandjock was the site of the ceremony.

For the 2023-2024 season, the forecast objectives for the Mbandjock and Nkoteng sites are :

  • 980,000 tonnes of sugarcane to be harvested, including 341,000 tonnes at Mbandjock and
  • 639,000 tonnes at Nkoteng, with an average yield of 46.5 TC/ha and an average sugar content of 12.44%.
  • 98,100 tonnes of sugar to be produced, including 35,242 tonnes at Mbandjock (100% blond)
  • and 62,857 tonnes at Nkoteng (80% refined) 165-day campaign, scheduled to end on 14 April 2024

With the 2023-2024 campaign now underway, SOSUCAM is revving up the turbines to achieve the objectives of its recovery plan and to OSER 130,000 Tonnes of Sugar in 2027.

Happy 2023-2024 campaign!