SUCAF CI launches 2023-2024 campaign

Following the presentation of the objectives to all managers, supervisory staff and staff representative bodies (IRP) on 17 October, it is now time for the first bonfires.

The ceremonies marking the official launch of a new sugar campaign took place on 22 and 24 October 2023 at the Ferké 2 and Ferké 1 sites respectively.

At Ferké 2, the choice fell on plot P7-001 (29.3ha) which, at its 9th regrowth, is reporting a yield of 60T/ha. A total of 1,758 tonnes of cane of the SP71 8210 variety were harvested.

In Ferké 1, plot B3-011 (18.3ha), at its 11th regrowth, had a yield of 80T/ha. 1,464 tonnes of cane of the M1400/86 variety were harvested.

Production targets for the 23-24 season:

  • Harvest 1,150,137 tonnes of cane, including 486,162 tonnes for Ferké 1
  • Produce 120,109 T of sugar, including 66,444 TS from Ferké 2
  • Produce 54,241 TS by 31 December 2023
  • Average sugar content 12.53
  • Campaign duration (crushing) 146.5 days
  • Crushing approximately 190 TC per hour

These ceremonies were attended by the CEO, the Managing Director, the Directors, the Executives, the IRP and the employees of SUCAF-CI, as well as by all the external stakeholders (the Prefectoral Corps, the Regional Directors of Agriculture, Labour, Trade and Industry, the Regional Council, the Traditional Chieftaincies, the Religious Guides, the Subcontractors and the Service Providers).

We wish you all an excellent 23-24 campaign!