A new look. Same values!

A few days ago, the Somdia Foundations adopted a new visual identity.

More modern and streamlined, this graphic overhaul aims to make a strong statement about their mission to reduce inequalities within the communities surrounding Somdia Group subsidiaries.

Through this change of appearance, the Somdia Foundations intend to reinforce and further convey their values: commitment, proximity, sustainability, empowerment and participation.

The bright colours and streamlined logo symbolise a positive energy resolutely focused on achieving the 100% Foundations Plan.

Beyond the look, it is of course the substance that remains unchanged. The Somdia Foundations remain determined to reduce social inequalities by supporting entrepreneurship, sustainable development, health and education projects in all the localities where Somdia Group operates.

This new visual identity will carry the message of commitment to sustainable development and solidarity even further. It’s a great way to emphasise our commitment to the common good.