Launch of the Foundations Fortnight!

It’s officially launched. The Foundations Fortnight is already underway.

The much-heralded event was launched last week. The SGMT and SGMC Foundations got the ball rolling with activities aimed at communities. They respectively organised an awareness-raising campaign on breast cancer and a training course on entrepreneurship.

After Togo and Cameroon, the Congo took over. On Sunday 12 November 2023, volunteers from the SARIS Foundation brought together more than 150 participants for their sports walk. This week, the SOSUCAM and SUCAF Gabon Foundations will be following in the footsteps of the Safe Foundations. The programme includes health campaigns and a jury to identify the winners of the Entrepreneurs à Ouellé competition.

The Foundations Fortnight coincides with the Foundations’ 10th anniversary celebrations. For 15 days, the world of the SOMDIA Foundations will be open to the public through the promotion of their values and the areas in which they work on a daily basis in the field. The month of November promises to be rich in activities, with an emphasis on commitment and action. For all the latest information, follow the news on the Fondations-Somdia portal and Facebook page.